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Absence Makes Me Dream - BBJr - If You Have a Door, Leave It Open (Cassette, Album)

It's just a dream. Don't take it seriously. Just try not to think about it and go back to sleep. Just think about something fun. Think of use being together and you might dream about that and for sure you will feel better.. I love you so much. I'll take the bad dream with a kiss:*. If you had a dream about cleaning your house, then this dream represents you need to get rid of all the negativity and bad things in your life. You are seeking for improvement in every way possible. This road won’t be easy but this is something you have to do. Dream about a new house. If you saw a new house in your dream, then this dream is a. Feb 20,  · As a kid, you probably knew Hitler to be a very, very bad guy, so you may have gotten this dream whenever you were in trouble, or in a situation that felt bad that you could do nothing about.

Door-The door is a powerful archetypal dream symbol. It indicates possibilities and potential paths. To dream that a door is open is a hopeful omen that you are able to take the path you need to in order to achieve your goals.. Door Freud felt that a door, a keyhole, a handle, a knocker, all depicted sex and sexual organs. The first example shows this clearly. Nov 13,  · Dream of Me Lyrics: If sleep's the cousin of death / Relieve me of all of my stress / I've been waiting for you to put me to rest / Two for joy, one for sorrow / She said "I loved you yesterday, but I. Dream Dictionary Doorstep, Doorway, Doorbell. Dreams are usually made up of things that you saw the day before or things that you see every day, and as cliché as they are, doors appear all the time and their dream meaning is fairly wide and open ended but if you want to know what it means to dream of more specific door related symbols such as the doorstep, the doorway, the doorbell, or the. If you dream that you drop the door lock, it portends problems rather because of detractors. But also such a dream can mean a change of residence. If you suddenly break the lock in a dream, it means various changes at work and in personal life, as well as interesting adventures. If you buy a door lock, it means a quick victory over your enemies. I have muddled feelings this morning. I woke just before a.m. with a startled shake. I had just dreamt that I was simultaneously looking for and hiding from my mother because she had a gun. We were at some huge outdoor event. I kept running into people I knew and telling them what was. Jul 11,  · If you are leaving the front door open in the dream then that suggests that you are opening yourself up and making yourself vulnerable in some way. Only you will know what that is, have a good think about things that you have been doing and the way that you have been relating to others in the period since the dream started - once you figure it.


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  1. Nov 24,  · The way I see it, you have a deep distrust in your mother and you have since you were a teen. I think the baby had a great meaning in the dream. You assumed the baby was starving. This symbolizes that you may have a great dependence on others maybe your daughter herself. She is making you very happy which is normal for a mother.
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  3. Maybe you come up with an idea or solve some problem and feel like the idea or solution had come from a prior dream. Maybe something comes together in a way that it seemed to have in a prior dream.
  4. If dreams have sole access to a dream-specialized memory system, then it should not be surprising that dreams can cumulate content over time that is not related merely to daytime waking.
  5. Dream of opening a door with a key means you will enter a new situation. You must pay attention to the context of the dream, if the situation is good or bad. Dream of opening a door and entering a room where there is a person of the opposite sex means upcoming marriage. Dream of having a lot of keys symbolize a purchase of goods or knowledge.
  6. A door opened in dreams is an invitation to cross it. The landscape is perceived through it will tell if the crisis we spend is for better or worse. An open door is like a light in the darkness. If the door is very low, very narrow and have difficulty passing through it indicates that the solution to our crisis requires some sacrifices. If the door is closed and will not open when we called is.
  7. To dream of a door broken out and spoiled, is a sign of money, generous award and even heritage. If you see a burning door, it's a bad sign. To extinguish a burning door means to meet your close ones on the sad events/occasion. But if you dream of heavy rain, strong wind, snow, and you stand in front of the door and can’t go in there, it.
  8. Set your alarm to go off every hour and half so you'll wake up around the times that you leave REM sleep -- when you're most likely to remember your dreams. (Or, drink a lot of water before you go to bed to ensure you have to wake up at least once in the middle of .

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